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The Finnish partner

Maunulan yhteiskoulu ja Helsingin matematiikkalukio

  • Principal Carita Jalasto
  • Yläaste (Lower Secondary School) 400 students
    • Ages 13 – 16
    • Tuition in Finnish
    • International Classes: tuition in English, about 100 students
    • Mathematical Stream, Sports Stream
    • Special emphasis: Music, Art
  •  Lukio (Upper Secondary School) 400 students
    • Ages 16 – 19
    • General Upper Secondary
    • Mathematics Upper Secondary


  • Viipurin Reaalikoulu
  • Founded in Viipuri in 1913
  • Transferred to Helsinki in 1940
  • A new school building in 1959 in Maunula
  • The school has an independent status, but is funded by the state


  • School follows the National Core Curriculum determined by the Finnish National Board of Education.
    However, it leaves room for local variations.
  • Students study in accordance with a five-period system. Students’ timetables change every seven weeks.
  • Subjects are assessed with grades 4 to 10. Report cards are given at the end of autumn and spring terms.
  • The length of the school day varies. The school day starts at the earliest at 8.00 a.m. and finishes at the latest at 4 p.m.
  • A great number of afternoon clubs after the lessons
  • Tuition is free of charge and only in the Upper Secondary School students have to buy study materials.

People working in MAYK

  • 70 teachers
  • 15 other staff members
  • Our own kitchen /school food served at 3 different times
  • School social worker
  • Psychologist
  • School nurse
  • Doctor