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Individual results - Italy

Italian Diary in Filnand

                                                                                                                                          3rd March 2018

Dear Diary,

this is the night before the long-awaited day and I am super excited but also a bit sad to leave my country and my family for a week. Now I leave you because I'm tired and I go to sleep. We'll talk to you tomorrow, a kiss.

                                                                     Your ALESSIA J

I had my suitcase, and the hand baggage, I'm full of emotions, I could not wait to leave.

Italian diary

Italian diary

Dear diary,
today we went to school. When we arrived there we welcomed project’s guys with
musical exhibition.
Everybody presented himself, their school and their country.
After, we played some socialization games.
We visited our school and we ate in the canteen.
Later we did the treasure hunt.
In the evening we had dinner at the restaurant and the day ended.


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