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Our first meeting

This meeting took place in Helsinki from 23th November to 25th November 2016. This was the first time we'd all met each other.

During these three days, we've had a lot of sharing opinions in order to manage the first project's year.

How cool it was !


The Finnish partner

Maunulan yhteiskoulu ja Helsingin matematiikkalukio

  • Principal Carita Jalasto
  • Yläaste (Lower Secondary School) 400 students
    • Ages 13 – 16
    • Tuition in Finnish
    • International Classes: tuition in English, about 100 students
    • Mathematical Stream, Sports Stream
    • Special emphasis: Music, Art

The Romanian partner

Garabet Ibraileanu Highschool Iasi

Our school, "Garabet Ibraileanu" Highschool, is situated in Iasi city,  in the eastern part of the Romanian teritory in a historical province called Moldova, a school having a long history, starting one century ago, and starting 50 years ago is in this building.
It is considered a big school, taking into consideration its big number of student that is around 1400 and about 100 teachers.

The French partner


Presentation of the high school Jean-Pierre Timbaud


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