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Agenda of the first transnational meeting

First transnational meeting within the Erasmus+ partnership, "GREETINGS FROM TOMORROW" which takes place in Helsinki (Finland) between 23th and 25th November 2016


The agenda for the activities which take place during these three days is :

- Welcome coming in the Finish school, principal's speech

- Ice breaking, and getting to know each other

- Presentation of the different partners : cities, schools, countries

- Feedbacks of the activities made : initial dissemination for ensuring the project visibility, setting up the teams from each school, choosing the project logo, creation of the website, the Etwinning platform, the Facebook page

- Establishing the calendar of the project activities in the first year : exchanges in Bulgaria and in France, meeting in Italy, calendar (year 2017), chapter 1 and 2 of the book, brochures of the project

- Establishing the dissemination strategy to increase the visibility of the project : Etwinning platform, Facebook page, website of the project, newspapers, website of each school, local community, ...

- Establishing the project evaluation strategy

- Establishing the strategies and the activities of the course in Bulgaria and in France

- Discussions and opinions sharing relating management and implementation of the project