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Italian diary

Italian diary

Dear diary,
today we went to school. When we arrived there we welcomed project’s guys with
musical exhibition.
Everybody presented himself, their school and their country.
After, we played some socialization games.
We visited our school and we ate in the canteen.
Later we did the treasure hunt.
In the evening we had dinner at the restaurant and the day ended.

Dear diary,
This morning we did a lesson on how to save the planet and we enjoied Joel’s
birthday. We listened to the lesson made by teacher Palese on the ecological topic,
called “how the save the planet”; every student, with his team, played in the kahoot
competition. After we went to the Satriano’s tower.
A guide explained us the story of it.
We ate again at the canteen school.
In the afternoon we went to the primary school to do something to remember the
Dear diary,
This day was amazing.
We visited Matera and a guide explained us the town’s story. The beauties of Matera
are the “SASSI” (in English stones) and the various museums.
We had lunch in the “IL TERRAZZINO” restaurant.
In the evening we went to Castelmezzano, a wonderful landscape.
We came back to Satriano. It was very fantastic

Hello diary,
We went to the woods to made a tipycal carnival’s masks.
In the woods a guide explained us about Satriano’s Carnival history, for example
some legends and curiosities.
We personalized the masks and we had to make the most beautiful ‘’RUMITA’’ ever.
We had lunch at “Pub Crazy Horses”.
We did Carnival parade in the village .
We walked in Satriano such as our favourite masks and it was amazing.
After we did a flash mob.
It was wonderful because everybody danced with us and our Erasmus partners.

Hi diary,
Today it was a very happy day, but bad because today we left us our friends
partners . At school we planted an olive tree because we should save the planet.
Later we went in a “very, very big city”: Sant’Angelo, here we did some handmade
activities, we painted and we made handmade pasta. It was a lot funny.
We had lunch and we discovered Sant’Angelo with our partners. From 3 to 6 we had
free time.
Later we had the most beautiful moment , but also the sadly moment of the week…
We danced and we enjoyed all the evening, but finally we greeted the guys because
tomorrow they’ll go back in their country. We returned in our houses and we went to
Dema Asia
Montone Christian
Fiscella Ivan
Vignola Michele
Amodeo Luigi
Bruno Alessia
Langone Luigi
Accetta Marta
Ruggiero Mariangela
Lopardo Angela
Pepe Francesco
Pascale Samuele
Miglionico Oriana
Sivolella Rosa V.
Loisi Giuseppe R.