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Agenda of the second transnational meeting

Second transnational meeting within the Erasmus+ partnership, "GREETINGS FROM TOMORROW", which will take place in Satriano di Lucania (Italy) between 16th and 18th May 2017

The agenda for the activities which will take place during these three days is :

- Welcome coming in the Italian school, headmaster's speech

- Feedbacks of the activities made : dissemination of the project, the exchanges in Bulgaria and in France, the website, the eTwinning platform, the Facebook page, the first brochure, chapter 1 and 2 of the book

- Establishing the calendar of the project activities in the second year : exchanges in Romania, Italy and Finland, meeting in France, calendar (year 2018), chapter 3 and 4 of the book, brochures of the project

- Establishing the strategies and the activities of the course in Romania, Italy and Finland

- Establishing the dissemination strategy to increase the visibility of the project : eTwinning platform, Facebook page, website of the project, newspapers, website of each school, local community, ...

- Feedbacks of the project evaluation strategy : initial assessment, assessment after each exchange

- Establishing the first year's assessment

- Discussions about : the progress report, budget, Mobility Tool

- Establishing the strategy to celebrate the Earth Day 2018

- Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus +

- Discussions and opinions sharing relating management and implementation of the project